Linda is an athlete and a mother of twin boys. Fitness is her way of clearing her mind and finding joy. As she’s dealing with her kids, her home, work, and other things in life, she has found that she is the creator of her own happiness.


What does strength look like to you?
Setting a good example and practicing what you preach. I want to show my boys how to set goals and reach them, how to stay focused and determined. The word ”strong” also means to help lift others, but remain firm in your beliefs when it comes to what you stand for - like equality and respecting others regardless of gender, skin color, sexuality or religion.

Never underestimate yourself, you are stronger than you think. Try to solve problems and overcome them instead of focusing on the negatives. When you go through difficulties, you come out on the other side with improved self esteem and an insight of what you are capable of.

- Linda Burman

What’s it been like for you during the COVID pandemic?
Although it’s been hard at times, it has been ok. I shouldn’t complain, a lot of people have had it so much worse than me. My husband and I run our own consulting company and I’m used to working from home. One thing I have missed is having friends and family over for dinner, coffee, or just for a chat.

Is there any piece of advice that has rung true in your journey as a mother?
My dad told me one thing when I was young - “You don’t own your kids, you only get to borrow them for a short period of time”. To always be there for them, support and lead them on the right path. If I do that, then I’ve done right as a mother.


This is a tribute to their power, to their beauty, to their very being.

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