Say bye bye to disposable tampons and pads, and let it flow with our brand-new period panties instead. Keep bleeding and stop worrying with our lab tested period panties, no strings attached (literally).

Our signature panties.
          period proof.


0% leakage. 100% run-proof, sleep-proof, and fun-proof. Pick your flow. Pick your panty. Feel the difference. And bleed in peace.

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Microfiber Period Highwaist Briefs
Lace Period Cheeky
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Find your flow.

Light, medium or heavy? We got you covered.


Don’t worry, we’ve all wondered about the same thing. Does it really work? And if it does, how? Does it stain? Does it smell? We’re here to answer all of your questions, just keep scrolling.


Got more questions?
We've got the answers.

Mid-rise. Ultra cute. Period-proof.

Our bestselling panty design that holds up to 15 ml and provides you the protection of 3 tampons.

  • Lace Period Cheeky
  • Lace Period Highwaist Briefs
  • Microfiber Period Highwaist Briefs

Everyone's favourite period panties for a reason


I’m just so impressed. They are super comfortable, dry, no leaks, no smell and they wash really well. They genuinely make such a difference for me.

Leidiane B.


I have to admit I was super skeptical at first, but I am in awe at how well they work. The high absorbency one specifically fits so well and looks so fun with the mesh detailing on the sides. Amazing!

Alex O.


The best period underwear I have tested, I am just so impressed with the fit. It does exactly what it says it does. It personally made me ditch all tampons and pads.

Pauline V.



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All our period panties are lab tested on absorbency by the Research Institute of Sweden (Rise).

Our Period-Proof Cheeky can hold up to 15ml (≈ 3 tampons), the Lace Highwaist Brief can hold 25ml (≈ 5 tampons) and the Micro Highwaist Briefs can hold 35ml of menstrual liquid (≈7 tampons).

Our period panties should not feel wet as they are designed to be highly absorbent. Each design is equipped with 1-2 absorbent layer(s) (depending on absorbency & style) which absorb moisture and keep you feeling dry and comfy.

Our period panties can be washed in the washing machine at 30° degrees. You do not need to pre-rinse the panties, but we do recommend using a wash bag and washing your panties with similar colors. Do not tumble dry, dry clean, or use bleach.

You can use our period panties just as long as any other regular panties. Their absorbency qualities will remain given you wear and care for your period panties as instructed.