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Dive into sustainability with our eco-friendly bikinis and Swimsuits!

At Understatement, we believe that every beach day can be not only fun and trendy but also eco-friendly. Surveys suggest that, when the fabric of the user’s swimsuit has poor elasticity, causing the elastic to crack, the consequence could be greater resistance during swimming or, in more serious cases, strangulation of the skin leading to contusions, all of which negatively affect the swimming experience (Sage Journals, 2022)

Our swimwear collection is made of Econyl fabric, a sustainable method that does not compromise on style or the well-being of our planet. Dive in and find the perfect bikini swimwear for your next beach trip.

Econyl textiles: Where sustainability meets style!

Econyl is an amazing fabric, born out of a desire to reduce waste and protect our oceans. It’s made from recycled nylon, sourced from discarded materials like old fishing nets and scrap fabric. This sustainable approach not only helps keep our ocean clean, but also provides the style and comfort of traditional swimwear. Econil fabric has a silky texture and provides a very smooth and comfortable feel due to its flexibility, flexibility and water wicking properties (Dugargo, 2023).

Eco-Friendly Bikinis: Trendy and responsible

Our eco-friendly bikini swimwear which includes bikini swim-tops and bikini swim-bottoms are the perfect blend of fashion-forward design and sustainable options. From classic cuts to trendy styles, you will find colors like black bikini, pink bikini, and many more that can express your personal style while having a positive impact on the environment

Understatements' sustainable lingerie is made using a variety of eco-friendly and sustainable materials, including recycled nylon, organic cotton, modal, and recycled polyester. Understatement invests time and effort in searching for the most sustainable and durable fabric options and new technologies and swaps out the raw materials in the fabrics and trims for sustainable alternatives where possible. For example, Understatement's swimwear collection is entirely made from fabrics using ECONYL® regenerated nylon, which is made by recovering nylon waste, such as fishing nets from the oceans, fabric scraps from factories, and carpets ready to go into landfills, and turning that into high-quality nylon yarns that can be reused and recycled again and again. Understatements' loungewear collection is made with modal and organic cotton, both of which are more sustainable options compared to other fabric alternatives. Understatement underwear also ensures that all our materials are free from harmful substances. Understatements' sustainable lingerie is produced close to home by European manufacturing partners that prioritise the use of recycled, organic, or otherwise sustainable materials without compromising on durability, design, or innovation. Understatement underwear also encourages proper care and disposal of our sustainable lingerie to prolong product life and minimise waste.

Explore our collection of eco-friendly bikini swimwear and be part of the sustainable swimsuits movement. Choose from a variety of colors, prints and designs to complement your beach vibes.