Hey period, ready to try something new?
Say bye bye to disposable tampons and pads, and let it flow with our brand-new period panties instead. Keep bleeding and stop worrying with our lab-tested period panties, no strings attached (literally). 0% leakage. 100% run-proof, sleep-proof, and fun-proof.

Experience the magic of period pants

Period panties, or period pants, are not your typical underwear. Specifically designed during periods to provide you with safety and peace of mind during your sleep and when you are active. No more worrying about leaks or discomfort. These period pants have your back (and your front)!

Period pants is a newer form of menstrual hygiene product that provides an alternative solution to traditional options like pads and tampons. Unlike 90% of traditional menstrual products, which are made of plastic, period pants are eco-friendly and reusable. They are also great for people who are not comfortable with inserting products into their bodies, athletes who need a secure product during physical activities, individuals who take care of menstrual hygiene for loved ones with disabilities, and those who are adapting to their changing bodies. Additionally, nonbinary or transgender people may find it more convenient to use, as they can avoid discarding disposable products in public restrooms (CNN Health, 2022).

Our Lingerie Panties for periods are practical and sexy. Our range of period pants includes styles such as Lace Period Cheeky, Lace Period High-waist Briefs and Microfiber Period High-waist Briefs, that are as beautiful as they are functional. Embrace the sexy lingerie panties that will make you feel like a goddess. Embracing femininity will boost your confidence, even during your period.

Made from high-absorbency microfiber materials, period panties are designed to keep you comfortable all day long. Whether you have light or heavy flow, these period pants have got you covered.

No more rushing to the bathroom or worrying about embarrassing leaks with our period pants and have a healthy and hygienic life.