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Hej there,
we're Understatement.

Understatement is a Swedish, female-founded force of change, dedicated to redefining women’s underwear. We want to contribute to a world where women can be whomever they want, free to express themselves and their bodies. Simply put: We make underwear that feels as good as it looks.

Making boobs and butts happy since 2017.

Understatement was born in 2017 and is female-founded and female-run. Our founders Marie Stolt, Maria Lager, and Yvet Malmveld came together with the vision to turn an everyday necessity into a statement piece from under, ruled by boosting comfort and confidence for all women.

Bras suck. So we made them fun again.

We are committed to giving all women the comfort they deserve, starting by getting rid of all the annoying stuff that never should have been put into underwear in the first place. We said bye-bye to underwires, restrictive padding, and itchy bitchy tags, without compromising on style and support. Our size range is XS-XXL, to make finding your perfect fit as simple and sweet as can be.



No censorship.

No airbrushing.

No advustments.

We want all women to be able to relate and see themselves in beautiful and comfortable underwear. We celebrate body acceptance to make each other feel empowered, confident, and comfortable. We don’t retouch our models in photos and videos, because why would we? Our underwear is made to embrace every curve.

We walk the talk.

There are people behind the clothes we make, and around 80% of those working in the textile industry identify as women. One of many reasons why we are so committed to challenging industry norms, to walking the talk and to taking social and environmental responsibility.

Our collections are produced close to home, mainly by European and Turkish manufacturing partners that are experts in the field of underwear. This means we can visit regularly, build long-lasting relationships, and ensure that labor conditions and quality standards are in line with our values. It also reduces negative implications on the planet caused by transportation to our warehouse. All our manufacturing partners are certified for social and environmental compliance. Most of them are female-run, sharing our vision of empowering women and working towards gender equality.

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Your curves are our cause.


Wonderful intimates: comfortable, well made with quality fabrics and sexy as hell!


I have bought so many of these in different colors and will not buy any other panties from now on. Understatement is the best!


I'm plus size with an A-cup, which makes buying bras nearly impossible. Your bralette fits perfectly, it looks fabulous and is super-comfortable to boot. THIS is what real "inclusive sizing" looks like.


I’ve been impressed by everything about my experience. Thanks for great underwear I feel both comfortable and sexy in.


The comfiest, most glamorous underwear. A joy to step out each day knowing you’re adorned in such luxury! Always amazed at how quickly my orders arrive too! Excellent is an understatement


Love the underwear, love the purpose with different campaigns, just love.


I love Understatement! All their products are gorgeous. Great quality, beautiful colors, comfortable to wear.

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