Amanda works as a store manager at Arkivet Stockholm, and is a new mother of 6-week-old boy, Gino. She has also worked in photography, and studied fashion design at Santa Monica College in California.

What makes you most excited about motherhood right now?
Everything about it. It’s lovely, but a lot of hard work. How I can love my son so incredibly and that my feelings become stronger everyday. It’s the best thing ever happened to me but also the biggest change in my life. There is so much I didn’t know about having a baby before I had one myself.

What did you learn about yourself during pregnancy and after?
I found myself stronger than I thought I would be, both physically and mentally. I thought I would feel more fear and more expectations but I couldn’t really take all in. I’m not afraid to ask my family and friends for help, and with that comes more free time for myself but still he is just six weeks old.


Tell us about your relationship with your mom.
My mom has been my best friend since day one. She is always the one I call first and I share all my secrets with. She taught me that everything comes from love. When I’m with my mom, I can be myself and rest in our natural relationship.

Where are you finding support as a new mother?
My mom, I couldn’t do it without her. Also, other mothers!


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