Aysha is the founder of Black Lives Matter in Sweden and mother of 3. She is also a former model, stylist, PR and marketing manager, makeup artist, and is now studying to become a life coach and social worker.

What world would you like to see for your children?
A world where all are treated with compassion, respect & equality. I’d like a world where no parent would have to worry about their kids’ safety or well being. A world where parents are able to feed their kids and watch them grow old. In peace, love and prosperity, for all.

What does being a mother look like to you?
I don’t think anyone can ever prepare for being or becoming a mother. One day you're the best and doing various Fortnite dances with your kids in the living room, and the next you’re “the worst mum ever” and they “hate you” for not allowing them to do something they want to.

Is there any advice that you’ve taken on your journey in being a mum?
To remember what made me sad as a child and not do that to my kids. But also to always show my kids that even at their worst I’ll forgive them as far as they show remorse and a will for improvement. Being a mum is impossible without good advice from those who have done it before you, but it’s also about knowing which advice to take to heart.

How have you stayed engaged and centered while raising your kids?
I think I’ve managed to do that due to my kids also being engaged in what happens in the world. It comes naturally for our family to be active in social issues. For ourselves and others!

What do you want your kids to remember about you?
I want my kids to remember how I always stood tall, proud of my blackness and most importantly proud of them.


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