Annika is a journalist, food-lover, bestselling author of the children’s book “Bara Rumpor”, and single mother to her daughter.

What makes you proud of yourself? As a woman? As a mother?
I'm proud of lots of things! I am a person who refuses to sit still when there are things to change for the better. I have never tolerated being treated differently because I’m a woman. As a mother, I feel that my daughter has a lot of that in her - and I am so incredibly proud of that.

Who is your role model as a mother?
In addition to my own mother, I often think of my Italian grandmother Nicolina who unfortunately died when I was a teenager. She managed to take care of a large group of children through poverty and war – on her own. It makes me think that everything is pretty easy compared to then.

Body positivity is about body diversity – that we look different and that's how it should be! The fact that many clothing companies and designers make clothes for only people who are “thin-as-a-model" is so incredibly outdated. If we are to accept our bodies, there must be a change, especially in the fashion industry.

-Annika Leone


Me and Livia have only been a couple for 1.5 years. But it felt so right to build a family together.I feel like I’m together with my best friend and no matter what happens in the future, I would never ask for anyone else to be the other parent for my child.

- Emma Jennie


This is a tribute to their power, to their beauty, to their very being.

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