At Understatement, we are celebrating all parts of motherhood in the same way that we represent all women. This May, we gathered an incredible group of Mothers and daughters who let us get closeups of their story, in all their ordinary glory, on this roller coaster journey called Motherhood. #CloseupsofMotherhood is a tribute to their power, to their beauty and to their very being.

Meet Aysha Jones

A stylist, activist, and mother of three. In the summer of 2020, she got 70,000 people to check in at the US Embassy on Facebook - and thus became one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement in Sweden.

I don’t think anyone can ever prepare for being or becoming a mother. One day you're "the best" and dancing with your kids in the living room, and the next you’re “the worst mum ever” and they “hate you” for not allowing them to do something they want to.

- Aysha Jones

As a mother, I try to remember what made me sad as a child and not do
that to my kids. To always show my kids that, even at their worst, I’ll
forgive them as far as they show remorse and a will for improvement.

Being a mother is impossible without good advice from those who have
done it before you, but it’s also about knowing which advice to
take to heart.

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aysha jones

What world would you like to see for your children?

A world where all are treated with compassion, respect & equality. I’d like a world where no parent would have to worry about their kids’ safety or well being. A world where parents are able to feed their kids and watch them grow old. In peace, love and prosperity, for all.

annika leone

What makes you proud of yourself? As a woman? As a mother?

I'm proud of lots of things! I am a person who refuses to sit still when there are things to change for the better. I have never tolerated being treated differently because I’m a woman. As a mother, I feel that my daughter has a lot of that in her - and I am so incredibly proud of that.

emma jennie & livia

What was your reaction when you found out you were going to be parents?

It was very exciting yet unbelievable since it was our second insemination. We thought the process was going to be longer than it actually was. Our parents are very excited, and it feels wonderful to be able to give them a grandchild. Our friends have been involved. They have helped us a lot.

ditte svanfeldt

You also became a bonus mom at a very young age. What did that teach you about motherhood?

I've never seen J as my bonus daughter. That I got her and she got me is one of the finest gifts in life. She is my first child, my first daughter. She taught me what true love is.

linda burman

Is there any piece of advice that has rung true in your journey as a mother?

My dad told me one thing when I was young - “You don’t own your kids, you only get to borrow them for a short period of time”. To always be there for them, support and lead them on the right path. If I do that, then I’ve done right as a mother.

amanda isenborg

Tell us about your relationship with your mom.

My mom has been my best friend since day one. She is always the one I call first and I share all my secrets with. She taught me that everything comes from love. When I’m with my mom, I can be myself and rest in our natural relationship.

vivian & chanelle coleman

How do you deal with conflicts with each other?

Chanelle has taught me that I can control my temper. To talk it out, then pause and think about the options we have. Things can always be solved without going from 1-10 in a flash.

closeups of motherhood

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