Your butt deserves great panties - explore our most loved pieces in buttery soft lace. Medium coverage. Ultra comfy. Ultra flattering.

Discover the epitome of allure and comfort in Understatement’s women's underwear collection, expertly crafted from delicate lace and breathable mesh fabrics

Explore our medium-coverage panties range mainly featuring bikini briefs, bikini thongs, and high-cut briefs, each designed to complement your unique style with a flawless fit.

Experience the sophistication of lace as it gracefully adorns each piece of panties or knickers, adding a touch of elegance to your everyday essential lingerie. The intricate patterns of our panties not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also evoke a sense of femininity that empowers you throughout the day.

For those who appreciate a bit more coverage for their panties, our bikini briefs offer a comfortable and stylish option. The high-cut briefs panties, on the other hand, provide a flattering silhouette, accentuating your curves with a touch of modern chic.

Indulge in the playful sensuality of our bikini thongs, designed to make you feel effortlessly sexy. The seamless integration of mesh fabric thongs not only enhances breathability but also adds a subtle allure, leaving just enough to the imagination.

Elevate your underwear drawer with these sexy lingerie collections that seamlessly combine style, comfort, and sophistication. 

See our other collections such as bralettes, panties or knickers, nightdress and bikini swimwear, to embrace more confidence with the perfect balance of lace and mesh fabrics, designed to make you feel beautiful every day.