by Maxinne Björk
Mesh Bikini Briefs

What is your favorite way to keep cool during the summer?

To wear as little clothing as possible and stay near the water.

Mesh Balconette

Favorite styling piece?

Even though "More is more" is my biggest motto in life, during summer days I love the simplicity of just wearing a top and a sarong to it, and works as great as day time wear as evening wear. For nightly shenanigans I just ad some jewellery to go with and poof - its evening wear! And many of Understatements tops is perfect to wear as just tops too!

Lace Period Cheeky

Your go to drink?

Watermelon and lime juice. The most refreshing there is! I am also obsessed by Hibiscus Infusions at the moment. I always cook up big batches that I store in my fridge. To make it a little sweeter add a little honey.

Bandeau Bikini Top
Mesh Thong

Describe your perfect summer day?

Waking up, doing a morning practice to feel more in contact with my body. Going to the beach or a lake, hanging out with friends eating picknicks. Then enjoying the long light evening hours by being outside in nature and spending it with loved ones. The sun and light is my ultimate fuel.

Silk Lace Shorts

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