Postcard from
Peniche, Portugal

by Sina Luxor

Why keep those enchanting destinations hidden away? Let's show off the best spots on the map and the swimwear that makes them even better! We're so excited to receive a postcard from Sina Luxor showcasing her swimwear picks and the allure of Peniche, Portugal!

Bandeau Bikini Top

Where's the ultimate spot for satisfying your sweet tooth or grabbing a quick snack?

Oakberry Acai is life.

Silk Lace Camisole

Favorite hidden spot

I parked my van in Pedra Branca , i can check the waves from my bed just peek out the window and hop out for a surf session.

Triangle Bikini Top

What do you love to do for fun on weekends?

I love to surf skate and paint, hangout with homies.

Strappy Triangle Bikini Top

Favorite beach hang-out

Ribeira d'ilhas.

Strappy Bikini Briefs