Program for
Female Entrepreneurs


We know what it's like to start a business with limited experience, funding and resources. You might have a partner in crime, but you're still in need of additional expertise in specific areas and can use a helping hand to get you where you're heading towards. You're more than convinced that your idea is innovative, can make a real difference for women and nothing can stop you from making it come true.

If this sounds like music in your ears then you should consider applying for Understatement's Program for Female Entrepreneurs.

The program

  • 6 months period
  • Workspace at Understatement’s Stockholm headquarters
  • Weekly coaching sessions with Understatement’s leadership team
  • Support from Understatement’s employees (E-commerce, Logistics, Marketing and more)
  • Financial & strategic advisory from partner ALMI Stockholm
  • The program is free of charge and comes with 25,000 kr funding


  • Women in the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey (either in idea or early revenue phase)
  • Our core competencies are e-commerce, marketing, operations, growth, leadership and business development within the consumer category (products & services) we see your idea or business within this framework


  • You are in the process of getting started or have already started your business
  • You, the founder, identify as female
  • Your business is sustainable (definition) & innovative
  • We can accommodate max. 2 people physically at our office


  • April 2023: accepting applications*
  • May 2023: 5 best applicants to pitch to the jury
  • Junde 2023: winner is announced
  • August 2023: program starts

* At the top or the end of this page you will find an application button. A short description of your business idea plus any additional documents you want to share with us can be uploaded.


  • Marie Stolt, Maria Lager, Yvet Malmveld,  Stefan Fragner (Understatement)
  • Jenny Engerfelt, Investment Director Voima Ventures & Understatement Chairwomen of the board
  • Pia Ganeva (founder Nikita AB, investor, Partner Feminvest)
  • George Pettersson, Almi Stockholm

If you have any question feel free to reach out to us at makeastatement@understatement.se