At Understatement, we’re celebrating all parts of motherhood in the same way that we represent all women. This May, we collaborated with incredible photographer Caroline Jonasén and three amazing mamas postpartum.

The Fourth Trimester is a tribute to all mothers navigating the new world in a new shape. With stretch marks and soft skin on the belly - the place of laughter and intuition. How did we ever forget this incredible skin that grew our babies in a safe space for nine months? Let’s hear more about a mother finding balance in motherhood. About the flourishing relationship with her baby. About the journey of breastfeeding or bottle feeding. And less about the importance of getting her body back. Because it never went away, it only embraced the beauty of creation.

The forth trimester is a time of change, of bonding and of recovery. I am in the middle of it right now. My baby is 8 weeks and I am really trying to savour the moments. Being patient with myself and my family and allowing myself to feel all the different emotions without judging myself.


I have learned to not compare myself to others. Instead I listen to my body and do what feels best for me.


The fourth trimester can be both magical and tough; milk and tears merging, endless with love, and a body that aches and throbs. A whole world in my arms. Skin to skin. Small soft feet and sharp little nails. The contrasts. Days turn into nights and nights turn into days. It’s as if time no longer matters. Everything is already in your eyes. And everything takes time, things slowly start to fall into place. Small routines find their way and everyday life finally comes back, remember that when you’re overwhelmed. Out there life is waiting for you