Power. Of mind, heart and soul. Of our destiny, our path forward and who we bring along for the ride. We are fearless, brave and strong. We believe in greatness and being proud of who we are. We don’t see strong as intimidating, nor do we strive to seek forgiveness for fighting for what we want. And want we do. We don’t step on people to get there however, we lift them so that they too can join the cause. Alone is never strong, together we are united. We are a force to be reckoned with. A song to be sung.

We stand for equality, equal opportunity and the right to be a total badass. At the same time we reserve the right to be insecure and vulnerable when need be. To feel deeply, to love unconditionally and to obey our innermost wants and desires. To be fiercely sexy. To be feminine and frivolous. We are women.

And we wear our statements proudly.

On the first day of spring, we gathered a group up incredible women from different paths of life. Women with ownership, control and proudness over their bodies and minds.
Women who are a true source of inspiration, strength and empower other women. During the month of March we will share their stories.


Meet Cassandra Klatzkow & Asabea Britton

What I appreciate the most with Cass is that she never allows me to shut her out, even though I wanted to many times due to my own insecurities.

- Asabea Britton

Cassandra and I have been close friends for almost eight years. It feels like a lifetime. So much has happened and changed for both of us in those years and we have grown and evolved together, side by side. She has always believed in our friendship and been there for me, and that’s something I'm truly grateful for. It has been fantastic to experience the inner journey Cassandra made during these years and she inspires me every day.

Asabea, my beloved, caring, fun and honest friend. When we first met I was determined about the fact that we would become close friends. Initially she was kind of a tough nut to crack, but after some time I managed to charm her. Since then we have gone through so much together in life, joy and happiness but also the difficult and sad parts. I'm forever grateful to have her in my life.
This summer I had the honor to photograph and document her giving birth to her second son, the most powerful thing I have ever experienced. A very special moment that brought us even closer.

- Cassandra Klatzkow


#Womantowoman is a tribute to all incredible women. During the month of March we will share stories of some of them - an evolving love letter to and for women.