Postcard from
Ibiza, Spain

by Zoe Hoad

Why keep those enchanting destinations hidden away? Let's show off the best spots on the map and the swimwear that makes them even better! We're so excited to receive a postcard from Zoe Hoad showcasing her swimwear picks and the allure of Ibiza, Spain!

Bikini Briefs

What is your go-to spot for delicious meals in town?

Passion for breakfast, Jondal for lunch & Casa Maca for dinner.

Bandeau Bikini Top

Favorite hidden spot

I found a beautiful, classic but quirky, romantic Italian restaurant with my love and the whole thing from atmosphere to food was unbelievable - ‘Resturaunte Ama Lur’ (the caviar potato starter…must have!)

Favorite beach hang-out

Fomentera! A quick boat ride from Ibiza to the most beautiful waters in the world.

Bandeau Bikini Top

What do you love to do for fun on weekends?

Slow mornings, swims in the ocean, spend time with people i love, explore new places & walk in the sunshine.