As a female founded Underwear brand one of our goals is to encourage and empower women to love their bodies. We want every single female to love EVERY SINGLE PART OF THEIR BODY. Not just ACCEPT it, but LOVE it.

During May- June 15% of our profit went directly to Kvinna till Kvinna – a Swedish organisation supporting women’s rights.

In April, on a sunny Saturday, 21 fierce and fabulous women gathered at a bohemain house outside of Stockholm to create our #CelebrateEveryBody campaign.

Many were excited. Many were nervous. Most of them were strangers. But slowly, they all began to bond. There was a feeling of acceptance and anticipation in the air. It is as though they all knew that what they were doing was important, it meant something, and they were in this together. We are so very proud of every single woman that participated in this campaign. We know in the depths of our hearts that their stories and this campaign are going to help many women out there to feel more comfortable in their skin, and to be reminded of that EVERYBODY, every single one of us, are fearfully and wonderfully made.

By the end of this day we were no longer strangers, we were sisters. And that feeling has held on. We love these women. It is a POWERFUL THING WHEN WOMEN COME TOGETHER WITH A PURPOSE, and that is exactly what we did and will continue to do.