Emma Jennie is a Swedish blogger, influencer and TV personality. She and her partner, Livia, have finally become pregnant after their second round of artificial insemination.

What was your reaction when you found out you were going to be parents?
It was very exciting yet unbelievable since it was our second insemination. We thought the process was going to be way longer than it actually was. Of course, this was very positive for us considering the long time spent for one insemination. Our parents are very excited, and it feels wonderful to be able to give them a grandchild. Our friends have been involved. They have helped us a lot.


Me and Livia have only been a couple for 1.5 years. But it felt so right to build a family together.I feel like I’m together with my best friend and no matter what happens in the future, I would never ask for anyone else to be the other parent for my child.

- Emma Jennie

When did you decide the time was right to have a child together?
We are in a stage in our lives when we know what we want and don’t want. It felt natural for us to have a child together since we both feel like we have met our soulmate. It may sound a bit corny, but that’s it!

How would you describe your transformation as a mother so far?
It’s a magical feeling knowing that a life is growing inside of me. At the same time it feels unreal preparing for motherhood. I have felt very ill during the pregnancy, and all the thoughts about this little person make it all worth it.

What lessons from 2020 are you bringing with you to 2021?
2020 has been rough and challenging in many different ways because of the pandemic. I’m used to traveling a lot and of course, this period has been different. I think one valuable lesson is that there are always beautiful things around, only if you are willing to see them, and as long as you are surrounded by loving and caring people, not much is needed in life.


This is a tribute to their power, to their beauty, to their very being.

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