With Understatement we want to create an authentic and inclusive arena for more female voices – highlighting control, ownership and proudness of our own bodies and minds. We want to mediate a genuine sense of solidarity between women where we strengthen and empower each other. Through our campaigns we donate a percentage of our profits to organizations that contribute towards creating a world free of discrimination against women, supporting the 5th goal of the UN. Read more about our campaigns below.

the skin i'm in

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’ve teamed up with our muses Bruna, Fi, Shama, and Patricia, to learn a lesson on self-love. To learn to be kind to ourselves. To be thankful for our bodies. And to love the skin we’re in. Without stigmas and censorship, but with all our hearts.

a sparkle a day

Bring the bling wherever you go with our exclusive new holiday collection, embellished with Swarovski® crystals.
Go bold with a dazzling statement piece or keep it discrete with delicate, shimmering embellishments. This limited edition collection fulfills all your sparkling wishes.


To feel confident. To feel seen. To feel represented. We believe it's about time we create visibility for women over 50 and redefine the norms. That's why we've teamed up with Jackie, Pingshan, Sara, Birgitta, and Shama to share their voices and claim space for mature women in the advertising landscape.

styling statements

Are your undies ready to go public? These designs are too good to be kept inside. Go from underwear to outerwear with our best looks for lazy days at home, brunch with friends or the next night out.


The Summer of Love collection is our celebration of all the unforgettable summer moments. Dedicated to partygoers and homebodies. Bridal affairs and runaway brides. Summer flings and other, cheeky things. Dress to undress in our most romantic styles, all in delicate mesh with floral details. A collection with attention to the small things, making the bigger ones even more memorable.


The Fourth Trimester is a tribute to all mothers navigating the new world in a new shape. With stretch marks and soft skin on the belly - the place of laughter and intuition. How did we ever forget this incredible skin that grew our babies in a safe space for nine months? Let’s hear more about a mother finding balance in motherhood.


At Understatement we believe feminine self-expression should be celebrated and explored in all shapes. No matter how you choose to express yourself there should be no limitations. With Release Yourself we wanted to highlight movement and expression without any uncomfortable restrictions.


Our commitment to the women of the world influences everything we do, and we believe that a Female Utopia isn’t just an unreachable dream, but a hopeful reality. A world in which femininity in all shapes and forms is celebrated and explored without limitations.


Why be less if you can be more? Don’t shy away from glam, put yourself in the spotlight with our Holiday collection co-created with the Swedish designer Ida Sjöstedt.


At Understatement, we celebrate all boobs and non-boobs in the same way that we represent all women. This October, we have reached out to our community for Breast Cancer Awareness month to help us highlight boobs in all their glorious differences.


A limited capsule collection centered around inclusivity, self-expression, self-love and pride. During the campaign we are donating 100 SEK for each sold 6-Pack toRegnbågsfonden- A charity financing organizations and projects in countries where LBGTQI+ people are discriminated against, persecuted and even killed.


You are invited to a traditional Swedish midsummer. Explore a journey through the Nordic mythology with our limited edition Midsummer collection, inspired by Nordic goddesses and co-created with our muse Maxinne Björk. A celebration of sisterhood and community - sharing love with one another.


We gathered an incredible group of Mothers and daughters who let us get closeups of their story, in all their ordinary glory, on this roller coaster journey called Motherhood. #CloseupsofMotherhood is a tribute to their power, to their beauty and to their very being.


#Womantowoman is a tribute to all incredible women. During the month of March we will share stories of some of them - an evolving love letter to and for women.


Sex appeal is not a look. It's an attitude. Sexpress yourself is our seductive collection co-created with our dear friend Maxinne Björk


The Parnevik Sisters are all messengers of Sisterhood - a bond that we believe goes for beyond biological bonds. During this campaign we portrayed Peg, Penny and Philippa and for each piece sold 15% of profit was donated to KvinnatillKvinna- a Swedish organisation supporting women’s rights.


The #Getitoffyourchest campaign was created along with seven powerful women that all have a relationship with breast cancer. We spent a day making art, telling and listening to each other’s stories: Stories that we hope will inspire more women to regularly check their boobs andGet It Off Their Chests. Throughout this campaign we donated 15% of our profits toBröstcancerförbundetto fund ongoing research and education..


An exclusive collection co-created with our dear friend Maxinne Björk. The collection consists of six statement pieces in the colors of a midsummer dream.


The #Celebrateyoursister is one of our passions projects and a Statement for Sisterhood. A design collab together with @worldmarketsthlmcollection was created to show appreciation to all women who in different ways support and inspires us in life. 10% of the profit of all "I am your Sister" products was donated to Alla kvinnors hus - a non-profit organization providing free counselling & sheltered accommodation to women who are victims of violence.


A beautiful photo series created together with @Tuggmotstand to celebrate the art and beauty of the female body and spread awareness about breast cancer. It is a powerful thing when woman come together with a purpose, and that is exactly what we did and will continue to do. During this campaign 20% of our profit went to Bröstcancerförbundet.


Our passion project to celebrate Everybody and Every Body – portraying 21 strong women from different walks of life. During this campaign 15% of our profit went directly toKvinnatillKvinna– a Swedish organization supporting women’s rights.


The Yoni Love collection was created with the purpose to help spread awareness about female genital mutilation and illuminate women’s connection to their yoni. We want to contribute to all the women that are being deprived of their freedom and pleasure. During this campaign 15% of profit was donated toPlan International- a humanitarian organisation which is close to our hearts.