Values & Sustainability

Women Owned. Women Operated. Women Strong.

Understatement aims to lift women’s confidence, outfit and boobs by  providing the underwear market with bold, comfortable design pieces and an inclusive social arena for female voices.

Understatement is a company owned and run by women. We are a brand for women with a mission to create an arena for more female voices – highlighting control, ownership and proudness of our own bodies and minds. We want to mediate a genuine sense of solidarity between women where we strengthen and empower each  other.  We are outspoken, committed, challenging and always have  a twinkle in our eye. The tone  between us should never be distant. We know what we stand for and we stand firm in our beliefs. There is  never an anxious desire to adapt or censor our content, nor to apologize for who we are. We joke about most things, and we are not afraid to stand out.

It is important for us that everything we do contributes to women’s empowerment.  We want to be a part of creating a world free of discrimination against all women and girls. Through our campaigns we donate a percent of our profits to organizations that contribute toward bettering  women’s life and supports the 5th goal of the UN.

Read more about our campaigns here.

Product Policy & Sustainability Goals

We make products that should make women feel like the best version of themselves when they get dressed in the morning,  and equally as comfortable when you get undressed at night. Underwear that is for women, made by women. And for us at Understatement it’s very important that the underwear we provide are made in the best possible way.

All our products are made in our family owned factory located in Riga, a certified factory with good social conditions for the employees. Yes, we visit them regularly not only because we enjoy working together with all the amazing people there but also to check their social and environmental performance. The materials and fabrics we use are made by our nominated suppliers, all located in Europe, providing fabrics free of harmful substances and meet our high quality standards.

We actively work to contribute to a more sustainable environment. One step we’ve already taken in that direction is to not use plastic when we package and send our products. Instead, we use paper to minimize the negative impacts associated with using standard plastics. We are constantly in search of new fabrics and technologies that are both good for the earth and good for you.