the skin I'm in

On learning to love your own body & more

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’ve teamed up with our muses Bruna, Fi, Shama, and Patricia, to learn a lesson on self-love. To learn to be kind to ourselves. To be thankful for our bodies. And to love the skin we’re in. Without stigmas and censorship, but with all our hearts.

You’re a piece of art. You will never be as beautiful as you are today. Don’t let your beliefs about your body limit you or hold you back from sucking the best out of life.

"I find comfort in reminding myself all the amazing things my body has done and does for me."

Dear body. You did such a great job carrying all these children, working this hard for so many years, and accomplishing such great things. Without you, I would not be as good as I am and I’m forever grateful to you.

I love that I’m able to turn everything that’s negative into something positive. I’d never want to change my ostomy. It’s the proudest part of my body and tells a story and reminds me that I can do anything!