Hi there!

If you're reading this, you have just received your order, and we hope that you're loving your new Understatements! Thank you for ordering with us, and for coming here to find out more about our sustainable packaging.

We aim to do better in everything we do, and our packaging is no exception. We have re-viewed, re-worked, and re-done our packaging a gazillion times, and we're quite happy with where we've ended up!


All our packaging is plastic-free, and made of FSC Mix-certified paper. This means that the paper used comes from FSC-certified material and recycled material.


All our paper materials are recyclable, and our main outer packaging (such as the box that you just got your order in), can be recycled and made into something new up to seven times!


For every order of packaging material, our supplier plants a tree in partnership with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted


We do not send order sheets, return forms or return labels with your order. Maybe a bit annoying in the (obviously very rare) case that you choose to return something, but by cutting out this extra paperwork, we are able to save the equivalent of several trees each year! Every bit helps, right?

Want to know more about our sustainable practices? Have a look here!