my boobs.

my statement.

At Understatement, we celebrate all boobs and non-boobs in the same way that we represent all women. This October, we have reached out to our community for Breast Cancer Awareness month to help us highlight boobs in all their glorious differences.

Throughout this campaign we’ll donate 15% of our bralette sales to help fund ongoing research and education. Included in all orders you’ll also find a Boob Check instruction card explaining how to examine your breasts. With #MyBoobsMyStatement we want to celebrate and empower the uniqueness of your boobs, and what they mean to you - because Boobs are close to our hearts!

My breasts are mine and only mine, they are just the way they are, and that's what makes them perfect. Most importantly, my breasts are truly loved - just as breasts deserve to be. Matilda is wearing Mesh Triangle Bralette in Mesh Mania.
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My words represent me and my breasts in an open, honest and good way. I'm squishy, ​​bold and beautiful in my own way, and I'm very happy about that. Mikaela is wearing Lace Bralette Top in Saboteur.
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My breasts took the hit against cancer for me and I love them for it. I am now decorated with scars that testify of a war I won. Never have I felt more feminine, beautiful and strong as I do now. Angelica is wearing Mesh Plunge Bralette in Mesh Mania.
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Being exactly who I am, having learned to love, it’s invigorating from the inside out. A reminder that under a soft surface hides a force that can strike people with astonishment. Isabell is wearing Soft Bra in Noir.
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I am growing, evolving. I am becoming myself more and more everyday. Growing into who I am and who I want to be. Ada is wearing Lace Triangle Bralette in Saboteur.
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Throughout this campaign we’ll donate 15% of our bralette sales to Bröstcancerförbundet to fund ongoing breast cancer research and education. Included in all orders you’ll also find a Boob Check instruction card explaining how to examine your breasts.
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have you checked your boobs?

Stand in front of a mirror. Place your arms behind your neck and and observe the shape of your breasts. Do they have their usual shape & size? Look for changes in texture such as dimpling, puckering or indentations.

With your fingertips, gently yet firmly press down using small motions to examine both right and left breast in small circular pattern.

Check your nipples. Do they look the way they usually do. Also, check to see if your nipple doesn't turn inward. Squeeze your nipples to see if there is any discharge.

Lastly repeat the process while lying on your back. Also, feel your armpit, because breast tissue goes into that area.

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