about us

Bye bye itchy tags, restrictive padding and annoying underwire. We’re here to make you feel empowered, confident, and comfortable. Where you are and wherever you want to go, we’ve got your bums and boobs covered!

our story

Understatement was born from the desire to create women's underwear for women.

Founded in 2017 by Swedish duo Marie Stolt and Maria Lager, Understatement set out to change an everyday necessity by creating underwear that feels as good as it looks. In the spring of 2020, Yvet Malmveld joined the two, and the founding team was complete.

"The three of us shared the vision of disrupting the underwear market, and wanted to create an inclusive arena to lift up and pay homage to women!"

the understatement way

 Starting with getting rid of all the annoying stuff that never should have been put into underwear in the first place. No more underwire, bye-bye to restrictive padding, and so long to itchy bitchy tags. 

Since then, we have come a looong way. Building our community, evolving as people, and growing as a team. Always focusing on developing our products. Making better, smarter, and more sustainable choices. Finding solutions to problems we couldn’t imagine facing when we started. 

 The core of what we are and what we do is all of us coming together. In the joint effort of making every day a bit more exciting for as many women as we can. Boosting each other to live life, knowing that we can be whoever we want to be. We're here to make you feel empowered, confident, and comfortable.


We want to contribute to a world where women can be whoever they want. We don’t retouch our models in photos and videos, because why would we? We want women to realize that it is OK to be just as is by showing our products on bodies that they can relate to. Every woman should see herself in comfortable and beautiful underwear.


We removed the annoying stuff: no padding, wires, push-ups, and those itchy tags. We want to make something that's often complicated (bra shopping) fun, and convenient again. That's why we work with an easy-to-shop assortment and size range. Our product is made to last, not to be tossed out at the end of the season. We swap out materials for more sustainable alternatives where we can and are always on the hunt for even better options.


We believe in highlighting womanhood by letting you, our community, be seen at the forefront. By inviting you to partake in our campaigns and sharing your images wearing our products. Because it is real people that buy the products we create, and it is real people that make our community what it is. 

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Our pieces are made for you!